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Wendy Frisk
Client Relations Specialist

~~All the way from chilly Janesville, Wisconsin, Wendy has 26 years of experience working with, for and around both exotic and domestic animals.  She started out her career with an A.S. degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management, and at Marine World Africa, California, as a senior animal trainer with a special interest in medical science and animal behavior.  

Wendy is pet-less at the moment after losing her beloved cat "Dizzy", but this allows her to take home our kittens for adoption on the weekends for exercise and TLC.  When Wendy is not at the clinic, she loves doing anything outdoors, particularly kayaking and hiking.

Jessica Jorgensen
Client Relations Specialist
Fear Free Certified Professional, Level 2

Born and raised in Florida, Jessica began her animal care career at age 6 when her mother would take her to work at a doggie daycare. As she got older, she was able to help with obedience classes and quickly worked her way up to kennel manager at a boarding facility in Oklahoma. There she was able to obtain some training to be a dog trainer. Jessica became homesick and found her way back to Sarasota where she began working at a local doggie daycare facility. In April 2015 she made the move to Brandt Veterinary Clinic as part of the client relations team where she enjoys talking to the clients and learning new things every day!

When not answering the busy phones at Brandt, Jessica can be found spending time with her 2 dogs, Duke and Pepper; working on their obedience training so that they can become therapy dogs. She loves reading and cuddling with her 3 legged cat, Legacy and enjoying time with her friends and family.


Judi Mut
Client Relations Specialist 

Judi was born and raised in CT and ventured to live in AZ and RI before settling in Florida. She comes to Brandt Veterinary Clinic with degrees in Engineering and Biology, with a background that combines technology and medicine with customer service excellence. She has worked closely with doctors, nurses, veterinarians and other medical personnel for more than 30 years, to insure they are providing the best possible care to their patients through proper working technology. Her passion for learning has been life-long and she looks forward to learning everything she can here at Brandt. She has been an animal lover and pet parent as long as she can remember and even considered vet medicine as a career. Her pets have included dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish and even an albino African clawed frog! 
Her lifelong commitment to providing excellent customer service is easily transferred to her front desk position in client relations. Here at Brandt Veterinary Clinic she has the opportunity to combine her love of animals with her love of people, where she continually strives to provide caring, personal and professional customer service to pets and their parents. 
Judi currently is a pet parent to her boxer mix Miss Jessi and hopes to add another pet to her tribe soon. When not at work, she enjoys running with Miss Jessi in the park, fishing and kayaking. 

Heather Mackie
Veterinary Nurse 
Fear Free Certified Professional, Level 2

Originating from California and moving to Florida as a young child, Heather always desired to visit zoos and all animal rehabilitation centers. Every visit promoted a stronger love for animals. She spent most summers in Kruger National Park with her family. Heather and her father would wake up early just to take walks through the lodge’s property before anyone was awake to see the zebras, antelopes and even sometimes elephants on the other parks property. She continued that love for animals and started working at a veterinary clinic when she was 15. After graduating and continuing to travel on her own, she started her career at Brandt Veterinary Clinic. She married her best friend and moved to a home in North Port shared with a one year old boxer mix, Kylo; a cat, Mr. Bean; a leopard gecko, Nala; Penny, the ferret and most recently three Betta fish. Most days off you can find her on the boat with Kylo and her husband fishing from sun up to sun down.

Jessica Skinner
Veterinary Nurse

After growing up in Centerville, Ohio, Jessica moved to Nokomis, Florida to pursue her Bachelors degree in biology at The University of South Florida with the ultimate goal of pursuing veterinary research. When she is not working at Brandt Veterinary Clinic or attending classes, she also spends time as a research assistant in an entomology lab that focuses on mosquitoes. Additionally, Jessica has spent over four years volunteering as a foster for a pit bull rescue. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, cats, goats, and horses. Outside of animals, she also loves getting outdoors to explore the beautiful environment at Florida’s state parks.


Ashley Hawley
Veterinary Nurse
Fear Free Certified Professional, Level 1

Ashley has always loved animals and had all sorts of different pets in her house when she was growing up including; cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice, rats and lots of fish. When she was little, she knew that she wanted to be in the Veterinary world when she grew up. She was born and raised in Iowa and moved to Florida in 2014 with her boyfriend, who she married in 2016. She started cleaning houses when she first moved down here, and soon realized it was time to move into the animal care field. She took some online classes and then applied to Brandt and started working in November of 2017. She currently has 2 cats at home named Bebe and Xena. She enjoys playing video games in her free time and streaming on Twitch. She loves going to the beach, kayaking, riding bikes and going hiking. She also hopes to foster kittens in the future to help find them Furr-ever homes.


Rebecca Turner
Veterinary Technologist, CVTg

Becca was born in Georgia, with a love for animals and a passion for ending animal suffering of all kinds. She made her first rescue at 7 years old, finding homes for a litter of abandoned puppies. Her most recent rescue was a 2 day old orphaned puppy. Circe is now doing very well and enjoys her home with Becca and her 2 other mixed breed rescue dogs. Over the past 20 years Becca has privately rescued and placed over 200 mixed breed dogs. In addition to rescue, Becca also advocates for animal rights and attended the Animal Rights Conference in D.C. in 2008.

She has loved a menagerie of animals from rats, fish, turtles, cats, and horses, and has worked in small and large animal clinics since she was a teenager. The loss of several pets to cancer sparked her interest in veterinary oncology. After receiving a BS in Veterinary Technology from FVSU, she moved to Florida to be closer to the ocean. On her days off, she can be found at the dog beach with her 3 pals or snorkeling in Venice. Hunting shark teeth and other fossils has become her latest thrill and a diving certification is next on her list.

Stephanie Nielsen
Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has had an interest working with animals since she was very young. After graduating from Venice High School she knew that she wanted to pursue a career working with animals and learn more about their health. She hopes to become a Veterinary Technician one day.Because of her mom’s love for animals, Stephanie grew up in a house that was always full of pets. They have rescued many cats from the Humane Society and Stephanie has always wanted to help as many animals as she can. Throughout the years, they’ve had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish at home and Stephanie can’t imagine living without all the chaos.When not at the Clinic Stephanie enjoys going to the beach, traveling to new places, and spending time with her fur babies. She has 2 twin orange tabby cats named “Pea” and “Sniffles”, a white Maine Coon cat named “Boo-Boo” and a Holland Lop rabbit named “Snowball”.

Dana Ogden
Animal Care Specialist

~~Born and raised in the mountains of Massachusetts, Dana moved to Florida at the age of 19 where she met her now husband. She spent most her childhood caring for her family’s variety of animals including chickens, ducks, horses, rabbits, cats and dogs. Riding since even before she could do so on her own, horses became the main part of her life. Starting by competing in distance trail riding by the age of 8 and then making the change to show jumping, horses are remain her passion. Dana only knows her life surrounded by animals, so it was only second nature for her to pursue a career working with them. With a background in phlebotomy, she wishes to combine her current medical knowledge with helping animals and in the foreseeable future, hopes to become a veterinary technician.

Dana is passing down her love for animals to her two young boys, Jaxson and Landon, who help take care of their two horses, Sargas and Scout, 3 cats; Stash, Prim and Cuddles and 1 Catahoula Leopard dog named Kali.


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