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Tours of our Hospital and Pet Resort are available
Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. 
Enjoy our hospitality of freshly brewed coffee and cookies (for you AND your pet)
as you learn more about the services and facilities we offer. 


As you enter our newly updated, modern lobby you will be greeted by one of our smiling Client Relations Specialists. Small animal care and special interest videos are always on view in the lobby, and current pet magazines are available for reading. When coming in through our Cat Entrance, paw prints on the floor will lead you to our cat only waiting area, away from large dogs and the stressful noises of people and pets coming and going.


Big Dog Exam Room

We have 5 exam rooms available for wellness and healthcare visits.  The first is our "Big Dog" room equipped with a special lift table. Your pet can walk onto the table at floor level and once comfortably situated, can be pneumatically lifted to a height where examination is easier and non-threatening. 

Exam Rooms 2 & 3 



Although decorated a little differently with pictures and furniture, these rooms are interchangeable for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.  Each room is equipped with comfortable seating, treats and windows.  A computer in each room allows us to update your pet's medical records in real time and also allows you to see digital radiographs of your pet and discuss treatment options with the doctor.

Comfort Room

Comfort Room

This room used by doctors and nurses for admitting patients to our hospital or boarding, and for discharging patients after surgery, x-ray and dental procedures.  We use this room also for extended consultations, special circumstances, and as a peaceful place to say last goodbyes.


We have a well stocked in-hospital pharmacy for your convenience.  Most antibiotics, analgesics, behavioral medicines, heartworm preventions, and nutritional supplements prescribed by our doctors are available here following exam or treatment.



Our in-house state of the art laboratory gives us the capability of running lab work

immediately and getting results quickly.  Some common tests that we do in-clinic are blood work, stool analysis, heartworm tests, urinalysis, some growth and lump cytology, skin infection analysis, and ear cultures.  Some of our routine lab work is outsourced to Antech Diagnositics and we generally have results by the next day. 

Pet Resort

Bark Boulevard


We have 10 large runs for boarding stays and for surgical patients.  Our Pet Resort boarding is veterinary supervised and follows strict standards to insure the health and safety of your pets while visiting. Soothing spa music can be heard throughout the Resort and the its calm, relaxing effects make your pets stay even more pleasurable. Optional services like playtime, baths, and nail trims are available. Visit our Pet Resort page for more information!

Cat Alley

Cat Alley 

Our cat room has a ceiling to floor glass window that allows cats more activity and stimulation throughout the day. Fresh litter and water is provided throughout the day, and they are also fed according to the pet parent's specifications.  Visit our Pet Resort page for more information!

Wanna Walk & Discovery Lane 

Additional, smaller cages for our boarding and admitted patients are available for dogs in Wanna Walk and in Discovery Lane for cats. Pets is these areas of our Resort receive the same love and care as those in Bark Boulevard and Cat Alley.

Treatment Room


Our treatment area is where necessary treatments such as blood draws, ear flushes and wound care are performed.  When we ask to take your pet to the back or to admit your pet to the hospital, this is where your pet will come.  This area also serves as our surgical recovery area.  It is open and easily visible so pets can be monitored throughout the day while recovering.  We also use this area to treat critical care patients and emergencies that need easy access to fluid therapy or critical care nursing. 

Dental Station

We have 2 "wet" tables for dental cleaning, polishing and oral surgery.  This is also where we perform digital dental x-rays to determine the extent of care your pets mouth needs, just like you receive when you visit your dentist.  Sometimes we find a bad tooth that wasn't visable to the eye; sometimes we find we don't have to remove that tooth that we thought we did!

Surgical Suite


Our surgical suite has advanced monitoring equipment to check heart, pulse, oxygen levels, temperature and blood pressure during surgery.  We perform spays, neuters, growth removals, foreign object removals and exploratory surgeries regularly.  Our Certified Veterinary Technician and experienced staff are specially trained to monitor anesthesia and vital signs.


Imaging Room

Our imaging room includes digital radiology and a brand new ultrasound. Our digital x-ray machine includes a full body x-ray table for our largest or smallest patient. Because our x-rays are digital, the images are available to view almost immediately and can be shared with owners right in our exam rooms. Ultrasound and x-ray images can be shared with board certified radiologists so that we can get the most accurate interpretation possible. 

Isolation Room

Through our wellness programs, we work with you to keep your pet as healthy as possible.  When we are presented with what may be a contagious illness for treatment, we use our isolation room to segregate the patient from the general population and contamination of healthy pets.  Everything in this room is used only in this room and decontaminated when the pet leaves.  A camera monitors sick patients in this room and is viewed by nurses in the general treatment area.

Conference Room

The first Monday of every month our clinic is closed from 12 noon to 2 pm.  During this time, we are meeting in the conference room for education, development, debriefing and training seminars that keep us up-to-date with the most current advances in veterinary medicine.

If you have questions about your pets health care or our clinic,
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