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As a pet owner, your goal for the summer is to have fun with your pet in the sun, while keeping them safe from the dangers of heatstroke. While you may think keeping them inside of your air-conditioned house is the solution, you should actually still go outside to play and exercise but take some precautions when doing so. Here are three ways to protect your furry friend when they are playing outdoors in the summer.


#1: Invest in a wading pool for your pet

Your yard may not be ideal for a full-size swimming pool, but a wading pool can be perfect for your pet to splash around in and cool off. Help your furry friend beat the summer’s heat by filling a wading pool with a few inches of water and tossing in their favorite toys to entice them to play. Treats and chews can also be appealing water toys that encourage your pet to take a dip. 


#2: Create frozen treats for your pet

Nothing is better than a popsicle or ice cream cone on a hot summer day, and you can make your pet their own frozen treat to enjoy. For example, stuff a rubber Kong with your pet’s favorite treat mixture, like yogurt and fresh berries, peanut butter and spray cheese, or tuna and crunchy snacks. Toss the Kong in the freezer for a few hours until it’s solid, and your pet will have a delicious treat to help them cool off.


#3: Fit your dog with a cooling vest

Unlike cooling pads, cooling vests can go with your pet while they’re exercising and playing. These products work by mitigating your pet’s body heat through evaporation. Simply wet the vest, place it on your pet, and allow the water to evaporate, taking excessive heat with it. Once the vest dries out, you can rewet it for further cooling. Some vests can also protect your pet from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, so choose a product that best fits your pet’s needs.


Watch your pet carefully for signs of heatstroke when they’re in the sun. Contact our team immediately if you notice your four-legged friend collapsing, staggering, or becoming weak.